Book signing in Somerset, KY

Looking forward to seeing everyone at book signing December 2 @ 1 PM at Heritage Bookstore.


  1. Brenda Hartley says:

    She is so cute I love too listen too her sing.My husband likes her too.She is very strong for everything she is going through. She is a fighter I would like too meet her some day.

  2. margaret smith says:

    can you try for a Canada tower when the weather is better

  3. Ms patricia Staton says:

    Grace I really love you can sing .My daughter love it is your Heath doing .I hope it going fine. Pray avernight.he can hear you Avery night
    We think you stink so beautiful to sing Jesus songs Amazing Grace again I love missing Grace that’s a good song tell how was your day today and get this into your mommy or daddy okay honey and do what your mommy tell you to do and I will text you soon love you sweetie when you love Jesus you love everybody tell your mommy I said hi and

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