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Often in life we feel beat down and want to give up. The plans we made were long ago lost to a cruel world that seemed to engulf any hopes or dreams we might have made. Life has lost its joy and we feel like giving up. Then there is a light. A light from someone unexpected. A story so inspiring, we begin to wake up from our dark existence. We begin to dream again. We begin to believe again.

Grace Anna’s journey through life will inspire you to be the best you can be no matter your circumstances. Her resilient spirit has helped her overcome obstacles in life which will move you to make the choice to live, not just exist. The faith of her family to believe in the impossible will inspire you to take the steps to make your life better. Her fearlessness challenges will challenge you to be bold, be brave, and step out courageously. Grace Anna’s love of life will motivate you to seek joy where there appears to be only darkness.

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All About Me

Hi! My name is Grace Anna I am 7 years old and when I was born I was diagnosed with Conradi Hunermann Syndrome. I have spent a lot of time in the hospital with and my family has been there each step of the way. I have had 4 eye surgeries, a spinal fusion, tethered spinal cord fixed, spinal rod insertion, six sets of ear tubes, casting of feet, dislocated hip surgery, years of PT and OT but through it all I still sing and smile!

My mother started singing to me when I was a baby. During hospital stays she would lay beside me and sing because she couldn't hold me. Singing was the only thing that calmed me down while I was in the hospital. I started singing when I was just 15 months old following my mama's lead with singing. Join my family and I on our journey of life, you can even sing along with me!

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Book signing in Chattanooga

December 7, 2017

Hope to see everyone at the book signing in Chattanooga, TN on December 16th at Barnes & Noble!

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Book signing in Somerset, KY

November 29, 2017

Looking forward to seeing everyone at book signing December 2 @ 1 PM at Heritage Bookstore.

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